Name Yamurnia
Hangul 야무르니아
Race Jelly Bean
Gender Hermaphrodite
Height 13cm
Width 5cm
Weight 15g
Eyes Black
Professional Status
Occupation Angela's pet jelly bean
Personal Status
Status Blossomed (As of Chapter 90)
First Appearance
Webtoon Debut Chapter 3

Yamurnia is Angela's pet jelly bean.


Angela cultivated Yamurnia to gather legendary herbs for her. It also helps her with her research and nursery work. Yamurnia is inedible.

Plot OverviewEdit

Yamurnia in its pot

Yamurnia in its pot, after it has blossomed

Part IEdit

Yamurnia has been staying with Angela in Nergal region, until she moves to Arzew and takes it with her.

Part IIEdit

Not long after Angela's death, Yamurnia, for an unknown reason, blossoms. It stops responding and moving. Seere then takes Yamurnia with her at her dormroom.

Relationships Edit


Yamurnia is very close to Angela. This explains the reason that the jelly bean "stopped moving" as soon as Angela was murdered.