These are the five Races of the red-eyed species. They used to exist alongside humans, but have inhabited Crepuscule for the last few hundreds of years. They were called "demons" and "monsters" by the humans.

All of the descendants of these monster races simply call themselves "vampires" because the vampire race is considered the representative of the red- eyed species.

Race TypesEdit


Vampires are the most powerful of the races with their strong wings, sharp teeth, and unique abilities. 

Succubus / IncubusEdit

They are very attractive and specialize in magic.


Werewolves are half animals that are quick and precise. They can transform into animals.


A quiet race with temperate personalities. They have the ability to turn into ghost form (fog form). Although not great in combat, they are the most intelligent race.


The trait of immortality is stronger in Zombies. They have great physical capabilities but possess little intelligence and are bad at magic.

Purebloods & Mixed BloodsEdit

Before the creation of Crepuscule there existed mostly pureblood vampires with some rare cases of mixed bloods. A minority, with Vlad Tepes as their leader, rejected Carmilla's plan for the creation of a world created especially for their species so Crepuscule was created excluding them. Because of this, the population of the inhabitants of the new world decreased in an instant, and they had to give up racial purity in order to maintain their numbers. Nowadays, the majority of vampires in Crepuscule are mixed-bloods. Some purebloods remain, however, especially among the First Generation and those families that try to maintain the purity of their blood through intermarriages within their own race.


Because of the nature of Crepuscule, some newly born vampires, both purebloods and mixed bloods, were born with genetic traits different from their parents'. Since vampires are considered an unchanging species, these changes are akin to a miracle. But, for unknown reasons, the number of mutants being born in Crepuscule keeps increasing.