The Elder Council is a group of first generation vampires who contributed to Crepuscule's creation. It is composed by Carmilla's associates, that supported her plan of creating a new world especially for vampires. Unlike provincial nobles, they exercise power by maintaining order in the world.

The identity of the Council is unclear, no outsider knows all of its members. Three members have the most power. The representative of the Council, Gilles de Rais. He is ruthless and obsessive with controlling the world. By his side, he has the Miel twins, Millefeuille and Chocolat. Their apearance is that of children in their early teens, but their abilities are more powerful than anyone else's and they show no mercy to traitors.

Sense Lark has defeated The elder council members The Council has been trying to take  over Crepuscule.

Ch.81-the Council

Chocolat, Gilles and Millefeuille

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