Succubus and Incubus are one of the five races found in Crepuscule. They are an extremely attractive race that specializes in magic. Pureblood succubi maintain their youth for their whole lifespan, while some mixed blood vampires with strong succubus affiliation have an extended youth.


Until about 200 years ago, the Erzebet clan was the pureblood succubi clan that lead the succubus race and one of the five households leading the world. But, during last Walpurgis Night, the rampage of a pure-blood succubus, Crawford Erzebet, caused the annihilation of all the pureblood succubi, including the powerful Erzebet clan. The only survivor, Angela Erzebet, slept for nearly 200 years in order to recover from her injuries. With the Erzebet clan's demise, the Erzebet territory was ultimately annexed by Nergal.

Pureblood Succubi and IncubiEdit

Mixed Bloods with Succubus AffiliationEdit