• Carne's Student Council
  • Student Council Hierarchy
  • Multiple student councils must compete to be part of the Furture Assembly
The Student Council of Arzew are a group of students that wish to join the Assembly group of the Council that rules Crepuscule, after they graduate.

Anyone can create a student council, so there might be more than one student councils in a generation, or even none. The multiple student councils must then compete with each another to become part of the future Assembly. At Arzew, the members of the student council get special privileges, such as being allowed to use their abilities.

Declaration CeremonyEdit

The student council is formally presented with a declaration ceremony at Arzew's Assembly Hall. During this ceremony, the president of the student council must show off his/her ability, because the strength of the president's ability can decide the power the student council will hold.

Student Council MembersEdit

The following are the members of the current student council of Arzew: