Quz Alswidr
Name Quz Alswidr
Hangul 큐즈 알스비드르
Race Mixed Blood Vampire
Birthday January 1st
Gender Male
Height 183cm
Eyes Red
Hair Blue
Professional Status
Affiliation Navarus Family
Occupation Setz's Attendant
Personal Status
Status Alive
First Appearance
Webtoon Debut Chapter 1

Quz Alswidr is a mixed blood vampire who is Setz's attendant.

Character informationEdit

Personality Quz has a vey timid personality. He is a worry-wart and quite weak. As an attendant, he isn't strict, something that helped Setz to constantly escape his attention when the boy was younger. Quz is kindhearted and seems to truly care for Setz.


Quz is employed by Ratatusk Trenkel Navarus. His main work was to attend Setz, when the boy was younger. Now that Setz is attending Arzew high school, Quz is staying at the Navarus mansion, taking care of most things around the house.

Plot OverviewEdit

Part IEdit

Quz's job is to take care of Setz. When the boy is 6 year old, he follows his father at a resort at Nergal region and so does Quz. There, Setz, taking advantage of Quz's weak personality, regularly takes off and goes to the human world, although his attendant has warned him against it. One of those days that the boy is missing, his father, Navarus, comes searching for him. As soon as the boy appears, his angered father, tells him to prepare his stuff to return to their mansion. Quz, then, drives the carriage back to the Navarus region.

At the time Setz is attending Arzew elementary, Neal reveals to the boy that he has followed him and Navarus, and has heard everything about him being born from his 500-year-old mother's corpse. Neal calls Setz a monster and the boy reacts by repeatedly hitting him. Quz appears and stops Setz. He is then ordered by Navarus to use his ability to erase Neal's memories on the secret he has found out.


Quz can erase the memory of others on a certain event. In exchange, he has to give up one of his own memories.