Purebloods are the vampires that belong to only one of the five vampire races.


A minority of the members of the monster races refused the side effects that Crepuscule would create, so the new world was created excluding them. Because of this, the monster population in the new world decreased in an instant and the, mostly pureblood, First Generation had to give up the racial purity of their offspring. in order to maintain their numbers. The majority of them mixed their blood with the other races.

But, some households follow until today a secret tradition of intermarrying only inside their race.

Pureblood StatusEdit

The few purebloods remaining of each race are at the top of the new world's hierarchy, mainly because the majority of the First Generation are purebloods.

Genetic SuperiorityEdit

Purebloods are much more genetically superior to their mixed blood counterparts. When vampires gave up racial purity, their powers begin to deteriorate. Purebloods also have a greater resistance than mixed bloods to the vampires' weaknesses (sunlight, silver, flowing sacred water and garlic). Purebloods can live for about 150 years, while mixed bloods only live about 100-120.

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