Mrs. Greyfell
Carne's mother
Name Mrs. Greyfell
Hangul 여자 그레이펠
Race Pureblood Vampire
Gender Female
Eyes Red
Professional Status
Affiliation Greyfell Family
Occupation Noble
Personal Status
Status Deceased
Relatives Carne Greyfell (Daughter)

Mor Greyfell (Husband)

First Appearance
Webtoon Debut Chapter 31

Mrs. Greyfell was a pureblood vampire. She's the deceased mother of Carne Greyfell.



Mrs.Greyfell some time before her death

At some point, she was forced into an arranged marriage with the head of the the Greyfell family, Mor Greyfell. Mrs. Greyfell believed that she was forced into this marriage because her ability was weak. Eventually, she gave birth to a girl who was named "Carne Greyfell" and who was soon discovered to be a mutant. Mrs. Greyfell hated her arranged marriage and mistreated her daughter, showing no affection for her or Mor.

On her birthday, the year her daughter was six years old, Mrs. Greyfell was laughed at by her own sister, and then she lashed out her frustrations on her daughter. Feeling betrayed by her mother, Carne went into a rampage. During her rampage, Carne killed both of her parents with her powerful 'fire' ability.


Mrs. Greyfell had a nature type ability: the 'fire' abiltiy, which she inherited to her daughter. However, her ability was weak. At the time of Carne's rampage, she was unable to get her ability to work, in order to protect her own life.