A magic circle appears, in some occasions, when magic is performed. A magic circle can also be drawn in advance, and it activates its power when a spell is cast.

The magic circle takes the form of a hexagram, which is surrounded by circles. It is transparent, it glows and it appears in various colors. The magic circle appears to have significant importance when it comes to the sealing of abilities, in which cases it takes a blue color.


  • The magic circle on Neal's chest
  • The magic circle that was used in the welcoming ceremony of this school year
  • The magic circle asks Sia what he wants his dormroom to contain
  • Bathory casting a spell that clouds one's vision
  • Nergal's ability attack is blocked
  • Olivier begins the ceremony to seal Carne's ability
  • Nergal casts a spell that can read the earth's memories
  • Three magic circles are used to fix the wall that was destroyed at Arzew
  • Nergal creates magic circles through his cane
  • Lark casting his unique crimson red magic circle.
The magic circle is seen in various cases. It appears that it has many and complicated uses:
  • Navarus has put a blue magic circle on Neal's chest, to permanently seal his ability.
  • Pink and blue magic circles are used as loudspeakers at Arzew, during ceremonies that take place in the Assembly Hall.
  • Rose magic circles are placed in front of the dormdoors at Arzew, and they request the students what they want their room to contain.
  • Bathory casts a spell that clouds someone's vision at Nergal and Riu. The spell has the form of a yellow magic circle.
  • Navarus uses multiple blue magic circles at once, to seal Nergal's ability attack.
  • During Carne's rampage, Olivier Ostern draws a magic circle on the ground, so that he will perform an 'Ability Sealing' ceremony. After he casts the appropriate spell, the magic circle activates and takes a blue color.
  • Nergal uses a pink magic circle in order to cast a spell of very high level, that can read the earth's memories.
  • Three people use pink magic circles, all at once, to restore the part of the roof of Arzew that Lark destroyed.
  • Nergal creates multiple blue magic circles at once, through his cane, to prepare for battle.
  • Lark uses a unique magic circle when casting spells, his magic circles are a crimson red color.