Laura James
Name Laura James
Hangul 로라 제임스
Race Zombie Vampire
Birthday November 2nd
Gender Female
Height 168cm
Eyes Red with Concentric Circles
Hair Green
Professional Status
Affiliation Arzew
Occupation Teacher
Personal Status
Status Alive
First Appearance
Webtoon Debut Chapter 21

Laura James is a zombie vampire who teaches swordsmanship at Arzew.

Character InformationEdit


Laura's blue skin is unusually dark for a mixed blood zombie. She always appears wearing the same outfit, with a black cape, a miniskirt and boots that reach far above the knees.


Laura meeting Sia

Laura James was chosen to teach Sia Kul swordsmanship as soon as he showed potential.

While teaching at Arzew, Laura has often taken business trips, which are later discovered to be due to the Council.

Plot OverviewEdit

When the new year starts, Sia comes to attend Laura's class as a freshman. Laura is irritated by his reappearance, and strikes the boy with her sword, as soon as she hears him talking in spurts.

When Carne goes on a rampage, Laura is called at the director's office, along with Buzzi, Muscle and Angela, late at night. There, as soon as she asks Navarus explanations about the fire at the main building, Olivier Ostern arrives. He informs everyone that the fire is caused by Carne and that two students have been killed. He, then, asks from Navarus to dissolve the magical barrier, he has set at Arzew, so that the teacher will be able to perform high level magic inside the school. Navarus accepts, and Laura, Olivier and Muscle go where Carne is. Olivier draws a magic circle beneath the girl and starts performing an Ability Sealing ceremony. Soon enough, Carne's resistance breaks the magic circle and, after a while, the girl falls from the sky and is caught by Setz. A few moments later, the girl dissipates and Angela explains that she had the same ending with Crawford.

Two days after Carne's rampage, Angela and Navarus are called to the Council, to report about what happened that night. When Angela tries to feign ignorance for the incident, Laura appears before them. She apologizes to Angela and Navarus and reveals that she has already told everything she has witnessed to the Council. When Navarus calls her a dog of the Council, Laura replies that she is just doing what she considers the best for the world.

Power and AbilitiesEdit


Laura attacking Sia with her sword


Laura has no magical powers, something not unusual for a zombie.


Laura is very skilled at swordmanship. She was the one chosen to teach Sia, when the boy showed his great potentials with the sword.