The Human World is the place where the humans currently live. It is connected with Crepuscule with a barrier. In the human world, the gate to this barrier is situated inside a deserted house, in England. In Crepuscule, the barrier can only be seen by a select few of a special lineage, and the door that leads to it, is hidden.


Long ago, in the human world, humans were ruled by a species much superior to them. The rulers bred fear with overwhelming power and drank human blood in order to survive. But their reign did not last long. It's been many years since they disappeared from the human world.

Carmilla, an inhabitant of the human world back then, pitied humans that were exploited by her species. As a result, she created a world especially for her kind, Crepuscule. Most of them agreed with her plan and went to live in the new world. Some others rejected it and stayed in the human world. The ones who went to Crepuscule, are still there. But no one knows what happened to the ones who stayed behind. They are believed to be extinct.

After Theresia went on a rampage and destroyed 'The World' the surviving vampires are now living in the 'Human world' in secret away from the humans unknowingly they are being watched over and protected by Lark and Bathory in the shadows, who have become the Vampires Guardians in secret.