Volume 1

The front and the back covers of Crepuscule 1

Crepuscule 1 is the first volume of Crepuscule that is published.


Crepuscule 1 is published by Naver and it is available for order in its site. It has 268 pages and costs 12,000 won.

The volume contains the "Prologue", the "World Arc", the "In My End is My Beginning Arc" and the "School Arc", chapters 0-20.


World ArcEdit

Orphaned 5 year old Lark Alfen is being bullied by the other kids, because he has red eyes. One day, he meets 6 year old Setz, a boy who claims to be a vampire. When Lark overhears his adoptive parents saying that they should take him to the orphanage, Setz offers to take him to his world, Crepuscule, the world of vampires. When they arrive there, Setz is forced to leave the region and Lark is taken in by Angela.

In My End is My Beginning ArcEdit

Lark has been staying with Angela for the past 10 years, at Nergal region. He is shocked when Angela announces to him that he needs to go attend Arzew high school, in order to get for her an ingredient that she needs from the director. Despite his strong objections, he is finally forced to accept. He arrives at Navarus city. He takes the entrance test and finishes first.

School ArcEdit

Lark starts attending Arzew high school. He dislikes his new environment and, from the very first day, he decides to take from the director what Angela needs and return home. On his way to the director's office, he meets Bathory, a girl that immediately understands that he is human and warns him that he could die if he were exposed. Scared, Lark rushes back to his dormroom and stays there depressed until the next evening. He then decides to go to the school cafeteria, to get something to eat. There, the girl that sits next to him at class, Seere express her will to become his friend. After this, Lark decides to stay at Azrew and try harder.