Baby Fox

Lark feeding his baby fox

Chapter 9: Ten years after he has come to Crepuscule, fifthteen-year-old Lark Alfen is found playing with a baby fox. The fox runs away as soon as Angela starts approaching Lark. When Lark expresses his frustratement that the fox left, Angela complains to him for the fact that he has never shown the animal to her. She then grabs his ear and orders him to follow her. When they arrive at home, she starts lecturing Lark on how he keeps wandering off and ignoring his responsibilities. Lark is left untouched by Angela's frustration and tells her that he hasn't forgot that he should be learning about herbs, now that weekend school is over. But, Angela grabs him and starts screaming about him skipping class. When Lark yells that he is just a human, Angela tells him that if he doesn't study and is found out as a human, he will end up a test ingredient. Lark, still not taking her seriously, evades Angela's accusations by running off and claiming he is going to chop firewood. Angela screams at him twice to wait, but he ignores her.

Ch.9-Lark with his friends

Lark with Avi and Arche

Instead of chopping firewood, Lark runs of to the fields and finds Avi and Arche. Avi talks about his recent trip to sell herbs, while Lark is thinking how this place where his friends and family is, is his paradise. Arche then gives Lark a pink necklace as a gift. This upsets Avi, as he has given the necklace to his sister as a gift for her. Lark accepts the gift, keeping a low profile, as Avi is staring at him with jealously.

Meanwhile, Angela is looking at the miserable sight of her crammed desk. But, she declares her satisfaction for the progress she has made after just 10 years. She then realizes that her research has hit a roadblock, because she has run out of ingredients. The only way she can obtain the ingredients that she needs is to get them from Navarus, whom she hates.

Angela looking at the progress of her research.

As soon as she remembers him, she falls to the ground, thinking that she doesn't want to contact him. She then remembers that Navarus is the director of Arzew and wonders whether she has a student who is attending it, but her hopes are crushed as soon as she considers that it is impossible for a village kid to go to this school. Angela falls once again on the floor, when the door of the house opens and Avi, Lark and Arche get in. Angela gets out of her room, closes the door behind her and greets them. She  turns to Lark and questions him why he isn't chopping firewood. Lark, nonchalantly and while picking his nose, tells her that of course he lied about it and he went to meet Avi instead. The chapter ends with Angela being pissed at Lark for being a "brat".

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