Chapter 75:

Ersha opens the door to Seeren

Ren is shouting for Ersha, as she repeatedly knocks on her dorm room door. Ersha answers the door and Ren tells her that Seere suddenly went out and that they should go find her. Ersha agrees and tells her to wait a little while for her.

Setz locks the door of the student council room and starts walking at the Arzewhalls alone, as he is thinking about the tremendous negative fluctuation thatSai's 'detection' ability caught. He wonders if it has something to do with the emergency alarm that was sounded at the school and whether he should go to see his father. Suddenly he hears someone calling his name from behind him. He is taken aback when he turns around and sees Carne in her nightgown, aproaching. He yells her name in surprise. He quickly goes to her and he notices that her feet are bare and dirty. Carne calls his name for a third time. As Setz is wondering what is wrong, Carne hugs him and tells him that she likes him. She then confesses her love for him.
Ch.75-Carne's confession

Carne's confession

She talks about how she liked him ever since she was little and not just because he is her fiancé. Then she says that Neal said that they can't be together. She continues saying, "If the secret were to be exposed... Setz... It's not like that, right? Because mother was killed.. Will you call me a monster?" As soon as Carne mentions her mother, Setz instantly believes she is talking about him being born out of his mother's corse. He wonders how Neal could have told her about it, since Quz should have erased his memories. He interrupts Carne, by yelling, "What are you talking about?! What did you hear about that?". Carne starts stepping back. She hesitangly asks Setz why he is angry and whether he hates her. Setz answers in an apologetic tone that he doesn't hate her and that he reacted like that, because he wanted at least her to not know about this thing. He then says he is sorry. When she hears him apologize, Carne thinks of her much younger self crying over the fact that Setz would never come to like her.


Setz knocked out

Meanwhile, Lark is rushing to the nurse's office, to tell Angela about his dream. He is thinking that the chances of Angela being in her office are slim, when he hears a sudden loud crash.

Sylvia follows the boom sound and finds Setz unconscious and covered in burns. Scared, she rushes to his side. She sees his burns and thinks that Carne could be the one responsible for them.


Neal appears before Navarus

At Navarus' office, Navarus is looking outside of his window. When he hears a noise from behind, he turns and says " came". Neal has appeared out of a dark tunnel, that his 'travel' ability has created. He then says to Navarus, "Still so relaxed and confident, huh..?"

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