Chapter 71:
In her bedroom, Carne is recollecting her relationship with her mother. In her memories, Carne's affection towards her mother was responded with dissatisfaction and complaints. She remembers how her mother was laughed at by her sister on her own birthday. Her mother then lashed out on her. Later that day, Carne went on the rampage that resulted to her parents' death.

Ch.71-Riu reports
Meanwhile at Nergal's office, Nergal suddenly notices that the 'power' he left at Arzew disappeared. Riu asks if Nergal's absentmindness is the result of his injury from fighting Navarus. Nergal ensures Riu that this is not the reason and asks him why he has come to his office. Riu then reports that a strange phenomenon has occured. The land at the edge of the Nergal region has shook. But, Nergal is still lost in thoughts about his disappeared 'power'.

At the Arzew courtyard, Lark and Seere are walking together when they come across Setz. Lark talks with him and points to the fact that it's difficult to meet him lately. Setz states that he is preoccupied with an ill Carne. When Lark asks about it, he says, "Since that day, she hasn't come out of bed". Lark, who was going to invite Setz to go out and have fun with the group, now changes his mind and gives his wishes for Carne's quick recovery. After Setz has left, Seere notes that the boy looked down and Lark says that it must be because of the security patrols of the student council. Seere then points out to Lark that he has become quiet close to Setz and Lark agrees, calling Setz his friend. But, he adds that he still feels some distance between them.

In the next scene, Lark enters once more in another dream with Carmilla. Lark immediately questions the veiled woman who she is. She describes how she always appears in his dream, but he forgets everything about it when he wakes up. He regains these memories only when he is in this dream. He asks her if she has the same ability as Bathory and if this is the reason she is able to appear in his dream .He then asks her why she keeps appearing. Carmilla finally speaks up and tells him that it's too early for him to remember. She then disappears from in front of him. As Lark is trying to locate her behind him, she is heard saying that she just wants to help him and then warns him: "Be careful around your friend". As soon as Lark asks, "What?", wondering for which friend she is talking, the wind blows against him.

Ch 71

Back to Carne's bedroom, Carne is holding a knife when she hears a knock on the door. She quickly hides the knife and asks if it is Setz at the door. Instead of Setz, Neal comes in.

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