Neal right before he touches the smoke

Chapter 70: Carne's scream causes Neal to turn around. He watches, dumbfounded, as Carne is being lifted off the ground by a strange, black smoke. Carne begs Neal to help her. Neal stares at her, expressionless. Seeing the boy doing nothing, Carne repeats Neal's name in despair, right before the black smoke begins to strangle her. As she is suffocating, Neal raises his hands towards her and says he will save her. As soon as his hands touch the smoke, Carne is released and lands to the ground. Neal, now the smoke's new target, yells at Carne to use her ability. As Neal is struggling to fight off the black smoke, Cane is having a flashback of her mother running in a house on fire. She is begging a young Carne to let her live. The young Carne has wings on her back and is smiling. Carne starts trembling at the ground, while Neal is still yelling to her to use her ability. She then collapses and Neal is instantly released by the black smoke. He then watches as the smoke goes into Carne's body. As Carne is laying on the ground, she is mumbling, "..let me leave.. I don't want to die.." She then has a second flashback of her spending time with her father in a lake, close to their mansion. Young Carne is very happy to be there with her father. Carne tells her father that she wished her mother was with them. When her father asks her if she likes her mother, she answers that she likes her "the most in the world". The smile dissapears from her father's face, and he warns her to be careful. He then asks who she likes most 'right' now. As Carne is answering, "That's obviously..", the flashback is cut.'s.bedroom

Setz and Neal at Carne's bedroom

In Carne's bedroom, Setz is sitting by Carne's bed, who is sleeping. Setz asks Neal, "She suddenly collapsed?". Neal confirms it and says that it must have happened because of stress. When Setz turns to look at Carne again, Neal is grinning.
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