Carmilla Alive

The encaged woman

Chapter 64: Seere is in the school grounds, remembering what had happened when she was kidnapped as a child. She remembers her younger self opening her eyes and seeing young Ren and Ersha running towards her screaming. She also remembers another moment, when she was lying on the ground uncoscious. When she she woke up, she saw a veiled woman encaged in a giant pink crystal. While thinking about all these, Seere is standing, looking absentmidly at the sky.


Seeren talking to Ersha

In a dorm room, Ersha points out to Ren that Seere has been acting weird lately. She spaces out regularly and doesn't listen or respond. Ren claims that she has noticed it too and that she asked Seere about it. She conveys that Seere told her that a memory fragment of her kidnapping incident returned to her in a dream. The thing that she said she remembered most clearly was that she saw a woman.

Meanwhile, Seere is still at the courtyard, spaced out while sitting alone on a bench. She is startled when she is suddenly greeted by Sia. Sia asks the girl, "What are you doing here?". Seere smiles at him and tells Sia that a conversation she heard, has sparked the return of a little bit of a memory of hers.

Seere amazed by what Sia said

She describes how, at that point, she felt her body getting smaller until it reached the form of herself, when she was young. She then smiles widely and asks him to confirm that the whole matter is weird. Sia tells her that he doesn't understand what she is saying. Seere apologizes for saying things that she, herself, could only undestand and then asks from Sia to forget what she said. Sia tells her, "I would never forget what you said" and Seere is left looking at him dumbfounded. At that moment, Lark and Angela who are on their way to get dinner appear. Lark asks if he is interupting something, and Sia responds with an angry glare. While Lark flinches from Sia's glare, Angela asks Seere if she has business with her. Seere admits, with a determined look on her face, that she has someting to tell her.


Sylvia trying to avoid Millefeuille

After arriving at the Council headquarters, Sylvia is walking in a long hall, thinking how this place always creeps her out, although she comes often. She stops and turns when she is suddenly happily greeted by Millefeuille. Millefeuille asks her whether she has come to visit Gilles or her. Sylvia starts staggering, trying to avoid answering, and Millefeuille understands that she hasn't come for her. This makes her angry and she instantly starts using her ability, in front of a terrified Sylvia. Chocolat, who is sitting on a chandelier above them, intervenes and tells Millefeuille to stop. He then tells Sylvia where Gilles is. As Sylvia is hesitantly approaching, Gilles has a faint smile on his face.

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