Lark falling off the cliff

Chapter 4: A sleepy eyed Lark sees Angela leaving her desk to get more herbs from the warehouse. When he becomes fully awake, he gets confused by his suroundings. He gets up from his bed and steps outside, while thinking that his stomach hurts. When he notices that the sky is red, he begins to panic and cry. He calls Setz a "meanie" for bringing his here against his will. He then, starts running aimlessly, untill he trips and falls off a cliff. As he is falling, he thinks "save". He then crushes to the ground.

Ch.4-Navarus appears

Navarus appears

Setz meets Quz and asks him why he was calling for him. As Quz is nervously trying to explain Setz that he was calling the boy because his father, Ratatusk Trenkel Navarus has arrived with his secretary, Navarus appears from behind Setz and starts to criticize him for wandering around. Quz tries to defend Setz, but Navarus shouts at the servant to close his mouth. Immediately after, Navarus tells his son that they are returning to the main house. Setz asks his father if he is joking, and he replies by rhetorically asking the boy if he has ever seen him joke before.


Setz begging Sylvia

While following Sylvia, Setz begs her to let him bring his friend. She rejects his request ,explaining that the boy's father is already mad at him for running out to play. She also says that she has received orders to keep an eye on him and tells him to make new friends at the main house. Setz grips his fist and starts to object to Sylvia's reasoning by saying, "Don't make me laugh", thinking that Lark is the only friend he has ever made who didn't care about his status as a member of the Navarus family. But Setz is scared to say anything more after Sylvia tells him, "Your father is waiting." He just says, "I got it" and follows her obedienlty.

Lark wakes up yet again and this time he is shocked by a weird jelly bean which is standing in front of his face. Angela, whom Lark instantly finds very pretty, greets Lark by asking him,
Ch.4-Lark wakes up

Lark is scared by Yamurnia

"How's your body?" After Lark answers that it is fine, Angela menacingly asks, "Shall I give you a beating, then?" Angela then proceeds to beat the "brat" for needlessly getting hurt and forcing her to use her experiment's herbs to make medicine for him. Due to the beating, Lark's feelings of gratefulness towards Angela go away. After she has finished, Angela asks Lark if Setz has brought him from the "other side" and if he knows what the place he has come to, is. She then calls him "fearless kid".

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