Lark waking up

Chapter 44: Lark awakens from yet another dream about a veiled woman with long, pink hair. Sia is looking at him from his bed with curiosity, without saying anything. Lark gets up on his bed. He thinks to himself, "It seems like.. i had a dream.." He thinks over it for a little while, and then says that he is unable to remember what the dream was about.

Later the same day, Lark and Seere are looking at the exam schedule.

Lark hiding the message

Lark starts worrying about how to get decent grades and about how he is going to approach Setz. The fact that he learned that Setz is adopted, made approaching the boy even more difficult to him. A student, then, appears and delivers Lark a note for him from a girl, but he doesn't specify from whom it is. Lark reads the note about meeting at the biggest tree behind the freshmen school building, and he jumps to the conclusion that he is going to be confessed to. Seere asks what the letter is about, but Lark quickly hides it and immediately leaves with his heart thumping from excitement.

Ch 44

Carne meeting Lark by a familiar looking tree.

Lark rushes to the meeting place. But, he is surprised to see Carne Greyfell waiting in front of the tree for him, with a melancholic look on her face. When Lark reluctantly calls her name, Carne takes notice of him and thanks him for coming. Lark remembers the day he was stabbed by Neal, in front of the girl. Carne tells him that it's good that he is healthy. She, then, makes a small pause and suddenly, grabs Lark's hands and begs him to talk to Mrs. Elizabeth and release Neal. Lark asks who Mrs. Elizabeth is. Carne is dumbfounded by his question, but Lark quickly understants that Angela has used an alias to come to the school, and wonders why she did it. Carne ignores the boy's question. She apologizes for her sudden request and explains that she wants to talk to Neal, but, from what she has heard, the boy seems to be locked up, after Angela's request. Lark thinks that the favour Carne is asking is egoistical, considering the reason Neal is kept locked up. He asks her why she doesn't go to Angela herself and the girl explains that for, an unknown to her reason, Navarus has forbidden her to meet her. Lark considers that the whole matter has nothing to do with him and is hesitant to do Carne the favour. But since the girl herself didn't do anything wrong and seeing her under the tree has given him a nostalgic feeling, he decides to do it, and grabs this opportunity to gather more information on Setz.

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