Chapter 40:

Bathory on her bed

Bathory is laying alone in her bed. She is reflecting on how her mother abandoned her and on the day she turned to Navarus, because she had nowhere else to go. Navarus accepted to provide her social status, but in exchange the girl would join Carne's student council. As she is remembering this scene, Bathory calls Navarus a "scum".

Ch.40-Sia.Seere at the infirmary

Sia and Seere arriving at the infirmary

Meanwhile, a gloomy Lark waves goodbye to Angela and leaves the nurse's office. Left alone, Angela starts to stress over why Lark is acting gloomy and over what she is going to do about the Council. Shortly afterwards, Seere and Sia enter into the nurse's office. At first, Angela is curious as to why Sia, whose any injury will instantly heal, has come to the nurse's office. However, she quickly figures out, while smirking, that the boy came because he wanted to be close to Seere. Angela asks Seere why she came, and Seere replies that she wants to talk to her about Lark. Sia flinches when he hears Seere mention Lark's name and Angela is amused by Sia's jealousy. Seere then asks Angela to help tutor Lark over magic, since the boy is unable to use it at all. She states that Lark's inability to use magic has caused him to lose his self-confidence. Angela agrees to help Lark, and thanks Seere for her concern. Seere replies, with a wide smile, "It's nothing. Lark's my friend." Angela smiles too and thanks both Sia and Seere for being Lark's friends. The two students are surprised to hear her say this.

Ch.40-Setz and Bathory

Bathory opens the door to Setz

Bathory is still lethargicly laying in bed, thinking that she has finally met the last remaining member of her clan. At the same time, she feels contempt towards Navarus for keeping Angela's whereabouts concealed from her, for the last 20 years. For a while, she thinks about how the Erzebet clan was ironically destroyed by the rampage of a fellow pureblood succubus and about how Angela had to sleep for nearly 200 years, in order to recover from her injuries. But, when Bathory went to meet her, Angela had already dissapeared. Bathory concludes that she has finally achieved her first goal of meeting Angela. As she starts to wonder whether she should sleep for the time being, she hears a knock on her door. She rushly opens the door and sees Setz. The boy informs Bathory that Angela wants to see her, and then, suddenly, he warns her to not interfere in Angela's affairs. Bathory asks, ""Who are you worrying about?", but Setz ignores her question and tells Bathory that he doesn't trust her, as he would never trust a mysterious woman who appeared suddenly and whose appearance never changes. After Setz steps out of earshot, Bathory says to herself, "Idiot. What does he think a pureblood sccubus is...?"

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