Setz leading Lark to Crepuscule

Chapter 3: Setz leads Lark to Crepuscule. They're inside an abandoned house and they pass the picture of a pink-haired, veiled woman in one of its walls. Setz opens one door and a large number of doors appears in front of them, as if they're floating in midair. Setz and Lark are to take one of them that leads in a door some meters ahead. This situation scares Lark that asks what will happen if he falls down. To Setz's answer, "You die", Lark is scared even more and starts running back. Setz screams at his back to look out. Lark trips, falls and faints. Setz decides to carry him.

Ch.3-Angela's home

Angela's frustratement

Meanwhile in Crepuscule, Angela is about to start working when she sees Navarus and his secretary, Sylvia entering her house. Navarus tells her that he has come to search for his son, Setz. Angela reacts with doubt and accuses him of trying to peek at her research. Navarus doesn't deny it and announces her that he will be expecting some good news from her soon and threatens her physical integrity in case it takes her too much time. This causes Angela to hit her hand furiously on her desk and Navarus turns to leave. Angela then asks him whether he would agree to leave Setz under her care. He refuses claiming that there is a job Setz has to do by his side and leaves from the house.


Setz leaving Lark

Setz finally arrives at Crepuscule, carrying the still unconscious Lark on his back. He looks at the sky, which is turning red, and discovers with terror that he was very late. He then hears Quz calling his name. Scared that his attendant will tell his father about what happened, Setz decides to leave Lark at the front of Angela's house. While thinking that he couldn't have left Lark go away, since he is the first friend he has ever made, he puts Lark in front of the stairs that lead to Angela's house. He then places his tie around Lark's head, knowing that Angela will recognize it and leaves promising Lark to get back as soon as possible.


Angela noticing the noices

Angela hears some noises coming from outside and goes to check thinking that Navarus might have returned. But, after opening her door, she spots Lark on the ground. She then wonders whether Lark is a drunkard and if she should report him.
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