Lark and Seere discussing about Setz

Chapter 36: Lark and Seere are walking at the courtyard, as the boy is complaining about how Angela hits him whenever she talks about Setz. Seere is surprised to hear him talk about the vice-president so casually. Lark explains how they were friends when they were little and how he doesn't understand why Angela gives so much concern and kindness towards Setz. Seere tells Lark how Carne was easy to understand since she was a child, while Setz was always alone, except when he was with Carne. She goes on to say that Setz and Carne are engaged, but not friends. Lark is extremely supprised to hear about the engagement, and becomes envious of Setz for being engaged to such a pretty girl. Seere then tells Lark that she thought Setz was always cold. Lark finds this strange, since Setz was cheerful when they they used to be friends.


Bathory determined

]]Bathory is standing in front of the nurse's office, as she is remembering the words her mother? had told her when she abandoned her. Bathory finally enters the room and finds no one there. But, soon after, she is surprised to hear footsteps approaching. Angela shows up after having heard the door opening, but finds no one at the room. Bathory is nervously hiding in one the infirmary's beds, and Angela, who has not seen her, assumes someone came in and left.


Olivier casts "fireball"

In an Arzew classroom, Olivier Ostern is showing magic to the class. Lark, is amazed at seeing magic for the first time, something that results in being called a country bumpkin by his classmates. Olivier goes on to explain how to use magic, and then asks the class to review a basic magic spell called "fireball". Lark opens his book and is instantly discouraged by the length of the fireball formula. Seere, next to him, creates a fireball of her first try. This causes her classmates to shower her with praise, while the teacher congratulates her. Olivier explains about the levels of magic and how some levels can be achieved through effort, while higher levels can only be achieved thorugh talent. Lark thinks that he should work hard too. He solves the formula, casts the spell, but nothing happens. This causes Lark to wonder if he can't use magic because he has no talent or because he is human.

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