Carne at her bed

Chapter 35: In Carne's bedroom, Setz opens Carne's curtains, but the girl tells him to close them again. Setz obeys and asks Carne how much longer she is going shut herself in her room. Carne refuses to leave her room and asks for Neal, thinking that if she tells her secret to Setz, he will abandon her. Setz informs Carne that Neal won't be able to visit her for a while and tells her to rest. Tears start running from Carne's eyes, as she is thinking what she can possibly do now that she can't talk to Neal.

After a week in the infirmary, Lark returns to class to be greeted by Seere and scolded by Olivier Ostern. Lark then goes over the recent events in his head, and concludes that things could only get better from now on.

Lark in the infirmary

Lark's optimism is instantly crushed when Oliver reveals that there is an upcoming test. Seere offers to help Lark study, but she fails to raise Lark's spirit.

During swordsmanship class, Lark is getting scolded by Laura James for missing a week of class and for having terrible posture. Since Sia is already an expert at swordmanship, Laura asks him to help Lark learn the basics. Sia becomes fired up and gives Lark a painful lesson on swordsmanship.

In the nurse's office, Lark is covered in bandages. Seere informs Angela that Lark's wounds were from Sia's harsh lesson. Angela asks Lark if he has met Setz since the last time they talked. After Lark cluelessly replies "Nope", Angela throws him out of the nurses's office.


Bathory eavesdropping

As they are standing outside,? Bathory is eavesdropping the argument between Lark and Angela. She ends her peeking when she hears Sai calling her name. Angela also hears "Bathory", and is shocked for a while, yet she concludes that she must have misheard the name that she hasn't heard in a long time, since it would be impossible to hear it here at school.

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