Setz's awkward response to Lark's question about Setz's relationship to Neal

Chapter 33: Lark and Setz are standing, looking at each other. Angela says how suprised she is to see how much Setz has grown. Lark then asks Angela if this boy really is the same Setz from long ago. He thinks of the cold manner with which Setz had treated Carne before the declaration ceremony and seems unbelievable to him that he is the same person. In a very formal manner, Setz greets Angela, who, surprised at being called lady Elizabeth by him, asks him when he became so uptight. Ignoring her question and after a small pause, Setz says that he has come not to see Angela but to visit the student who was hurt by Neal. Setz then thinks of Carne telling him, with her back towards him, to not worry about her and to go see the student who was hurt. Lark replies that he is that student and asks Setz what is his relationship with Neal. Setz remains awkwardly silent. Lark wonders if the boy does not want to claim to have anything to do with Neal. Angela breaks the silence by clapping her hands, and, then, to the boys' surprise, tells Setz to take his clothes off.

Setz in bandages

Angela wraps Setz in bandages, after she treats the mild burns the boy got from Carne's 'fire' ability. She smiles to him and, jokingly, calls him a mummy. She then asks him why he let them untreated, but he doesn't resond. She then notes that the burns, although shallow, are extended and asks him if he has gone through a fire and he replies that he can handle this much. Meanwhile, Lark is thinking how awkward this reunion is and how Setz and him are no longer friends and about Setz's noble background. Angela, in the meantime, scolds Setz and calls him lucky that she treated his burns. She then asks him if there is something he has to say to her and Lark. Setz looks at both of them.


Sylvia using her great strength on Neal

As Neal follows Sylvia, he asks her why Navarus is looking for him. When she hears him calling Navarus simply by his name, Sylvia tells Neal to watch his mouth. The boy then tells Sylvia that she should join his side and that he holds her in high regard. Sylvia chooses to ignore Neal and continues leading him to his destination. After a while, she stops and opens the door for Neal, As Neal walks through the door, he is kicked from behind. Sylvia pins him down with her leg's great strength. Neal looks up and sees Navarus staring down at him from a chair. Navarus calls Neal by the name "Nirvana Sermenys" and tells him that he has been acting rashly again, as he always does. Neal's eyepatch begin to burn away.

Meanwhile, Ersha Sermenys is walking at the school courtyard, dragging a suitcase.

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