Setz's disappointment

Chapter 31: In a flashback, young Setz is being congratulated by Navarus for completing elementary school. Setz is surprised to hear his father congratulating him for something. Navarus then tells Setz to create a student council with Carne as the president. Full of curiosity, Setz aks why his father wants Carne as president, implying he himself wanted this position. Navarus then coldly announces to Setz that he doesn't have an ability. H easks him if he really is his child and tells him that he's dissapointed in him. Without an ability, Setz's main job will be to support Carne from now on. A depressed Setz then leaves his father's office and finds Neal standing beside the door. Neal quickly insults Setz, calling him an idiot and happily enters the office.


Nergal commenting on the situation

Back to the present and in the Declaration Ceremony, Setz notices something is going wrong with Carne's exhibition of her 'fire' ability. As Carne is surrounded by flames and has a face of desperation, the pink haired man with the top hat in the audience, calls the situation strange. Olivier asks him what he is talking about and Nergal responds that Carne looks to be unable to control her ability and claims that the situation might get dangerous.


Carne in her regressed memory

As Carne loses control over her flames, she is having repressed childhood memories returing to her. In the first memory, young Carne is crying in pain as something starts growing out of her back. The next memory is of Carne eavesdropping on her father talking to Navarus. Carne's father, Mor Greyfell, is worrying about Carne's abnormal growth and fears that he will be unable to stop her if she ever goes on a rampage. He then asks Navarus to take care of his daughter if something happens. The next memory is of Carne bringing her mother flowers that her father has given to her. Carne's mother uses her 'fire' ability to burn the flowers, and then says "I don't need anything from that man, child". Afterwards, she starts complaining about how she finds it unfair that she was sold off to this house, "to give birth to a child like you", just because she had a weak ability. The final memory is of Carne, with wings on her back, walking the corridors of her house, which is on fire. Her mother is running up and down screaming for help. At some point, she notices Carne looking at her apathetically.


Setz telling Carne to stop

Back to the present, Carne's realization that she killed her parents, leaves her standing terrified on the stage, with her ability being out of control. Setz then rushes to her, catches Carne from behind and tells her, "stop now". The fire disappears and Carne collapses. Setz then yells to the people standing around to bring a stretcher and put a medical team on standby.

Meanwhile, Neal is smiling from behind the stage, thinking that, as he expected, Carne isn't fit to be a president.

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