Lark seeing Carne as an angel

Chapter 27: Neal pulls his knife, that barely missed Lark's head, out of the wall. With a bad attitude and a grimace, he starts to question what Lark is doing there. After hearing that Lark got lost, he has a look of shock on his face. Carne steps in and, with a kind-hearted smile, offers to show Lark the way. This results in Lark seeing Carne as an angel and wondering whether she has come specifically for him. Lark, then, makes things awkward when he asks to use the bathroom first.


Neal and Carne's reaction when Setz arrives

As Lark rushes to the bathroom, Neal scolds Carne for not acting like nobility. Neal and Carne's conversation is interrupted when Sai, Bathory, and Setz arrive. Setz tells Carne that it is time to go to the declaration ceremony, but Neal intervenes and says that Carne and him have something to talk about and everyone else should go ahead. Setz stays silent for a while and, then agrees to go first. Sai, Bathory, and him leave for the declaration ceremony.


Neal stabbing Lark

After the other student council members have left, Neal takes a look at Carne and, wonders if the girl will start crying again. He then starts thinking what reasons would Navarus have to make Carne the student council president, instead of Setz. His thoughts jump to the fact that he can't get used to his left eye being blocked and calls Navarus a dog. Suddenly, he falls to his knees and starts screaming, due to an intense pain in his left eye. Carne immediately runs to Neal's side, as Neal is yelling that his eye hurts. Lark then comes out of the bathroom, and sees Carne sitting next to Neal at the ground. He runs to help and tells Carne that they should take Neal to the nurse's office. But, Neal slaps away Lark's hand and yells at him not to touch him. Angry at his hand being slapped away, Lark grabs Neal's arm and shouts that he is just trying to help. Neal then looks up at Lark with a missing, bloody, left eye, and, afterwards, uses his right hand to stab Lark in the gut.

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