Chapter 25:

At the student council room

At the student council room, the door slams open and Bathory along with Sai appear. Setz asks Bathory to come in quietly. The girl says that she doesn't see the need for etiquette between student council members. Neal then, obviously annoyed, claims that her impundent attitude hasn't changed. Bathory retorts by mocking at the fact that Navarus poked Neal's eye out. As Neal is about to start a fight, Setz yells, "Shut up!" He then starts to lecture the student council members on the importance of the declaration ceremony and how they should behave with dignity and respect. Bathory and Sai apologize, while Neal remains silent.


Seere, Ren, Sia and Lark heading towards the Assembly Hall

Meanwhile, Lark and Sia run into Seere and Ren. Lark questions why everyone is heading to the assembly hall and Seere explains that they are going to see the student council's 'declaration ceremony'. She informs Lark that the declaration ceremony is very important to the world, because it signals the beginning of the next generation's 'nobles'. Ren states that she is not interested in the declaration ceremony except for the part in which the president shows her ability. Lark then starts asking questions about abilities, while thinking that he, as a human, doesn't have one. He is relieved when he hears that there are vampires that don't have abilities.

Assembly Hall

Olivier and El discussing the man behind them

In the assembly hall, Olivier Ostern is sitting next to security captain, El. Olivier questions why El is in the assembly hall instead of being on guard. El explains that the situation is being reported to him. Olivier then jokingly asks, "What if something happens here when the leading nobles of the world arrive?". Frustrated at Olivier's questioning, El pinches his cheek and tells Olivier to mind his own business. Olivier then aks about the "old man" sitting behind him. The pink-haired man Olivier is talking about, tells the teacher to not call him "old man", and then points out that Olivier still says unnecessary stuff. Olivier responds that he doesn't care about those stuff and that he likes the president this time, because it reminds him of an old story.
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