Ch.22-Seere can shout too

Seere yelling at Laura

Chapter 22: Sia looks down at the blood dripping from the wound on his chest. The class is looking in complete disbelief about the teacher striking a student at their first lesson. Sia then simply comments, "It hurts...". Laura James still angry at Sia for talking in spurts, asks a snide question about whether Sia has gotten the sleep he carved for so much. Seere then stands up with an angry look on her face and yells, "Teacher!". Surprised, Laura asks the girl for her name. Seere introduces herself, and then shouts about how wrong it is to shed blood during a lesson. But, she adds that if Sia is the one everyone know about, the teacher's anger towards the boy is understandable. Laura appolgizes to the class and to Sia, yet she downplays her actions by reminding the class that Sia's blessed zombie blood will heal his wound quickly. She then remarks that Sia has gotten weaker, since he clamed that his wound hurts. Sia was about to reply with another short phrase, but he is cut off by Laura threatening to strike him again if he speaks in spurts another time. Laura orders both Lark and Seere to take Sia to the nurse's office. Laura apologies to Sia again and tells him, "Wecome back." Sia replies, "..thank you..."

A flashback, then, shows up with Laura kindly introducing herself as a swordmanship teacher to a young Sia.


Lark, Seere and Sia at the infirmary

The flashback ends, and Seere, Sia and Lark are at the infirmary. The girl is unrolling a bandage, while stating that, since the school nurse hasn't arrived yet to attend Sia, they will not be able to make it on time to finish the class. But, she is surprised to discover that Sia's wound has already started closing. When Sia tries to start talking about it, Seere interrupts him, by saying it is not nessecary for him to speak. She then explains to Lark that Sia had become famous among students when he was attending Arzew elementary and claims that she admired Sia at the time. Sia is left staring at her after this. Seere, while smiling, notes that Laura James must be really glad that Sia has returned to Arzew, because it is first time she has seen the teacher get so angry.

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