Chapter 21:

Sia and Lark at their room

In Lark and Sia's furnitureless dorm room, Sia wakes up to find Lark standing with a wooden sword in his hands. Sia speaks in spurts about Lark and him going to the swordsmanship class together. Lark is instantly surprised by his proposal.

While walking to the class, Lark comes to the conclusion that Sia wanted to be his friend from the beginning . As Lark is excited by this thought, Sia has a flashback of his brother telling him that Lark has finished before him in the entrance exam. Sia then asks Lark if he is good at swordsmanship and, to his surprise, the boy tells him that he hasn't ever learned swordsmanship. Seere then appears and greets Lark. As the two of them start talking, Sia turns and continues to walk towards his destination alone.


Sia's chest is slashed by Laura

When the class starts, Laura James introduces herself and explains how freshman swordsmanship will be taught. After she asks for a volunteer to help her demonstrate the basics of swordsmanship, Sia raises his hand. Laura tells Sia that she doens't want to use especially him as a helper and that he should go back. Talking in spurts again, Sia says, "Been a while...Laura...Teach". Shouting at her old student about still talking in spurts, Laura use her sword to make a bloody slash across Sia's chest. This surprises Lark, Seere, and the rest of the class.
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