Seere talking about her abduction

Chapter 20: Lark, whose leg is still throbbing from Ren's kick, is brought to SF Buks Café by Ren. They go to the table where Seere and Ersha are, and Ren announces that she has brought Lark with her just to show Seere that she doesn't have to worry "about a guy who skips class right after starting school." Despite Ren's comments, Lark is pleasantly supprised to hear that Seere has been worrying about him. Seere invites Lark to take a seat and buys him a coffee. With a threatening look on her face, Ersha tells Lark to stay away from Seere. Seere asks Ersha to stop and calls Lark her friend. Both Ren and Ersha reply "since when?" and Seere explains that she doesn't want to have the memory of her kidnapping preventing her from making new friends. Seere's comments remind Lark of his friends in the Nergal region. Seere then says that Lark is a good guy and that is why she wants to be friends with. Ersha and Ren tell Seere she is being too hasty to assume Lark is a good guy. Although the girls' comments upset Lark and he starts thinking he wants to leave as soon as possible, he feels better when Seere says she wishes to have many more conversations with Lark before judging him.

Lark, then, has a flashback of himself being chased by a bunch of hands in the human world, and, then, having a young Setz extending his hand to take him to Crepuscule, where he has gained a family and friends.


Lark is optimistic again

Seere brings Lark back from his flashback and tells him that, whatever is troubling him, he should come to class. She goes on to offer help, as a friend, to Lark for any difficulties he is having. Ersha and Ren both dislike Lark being called friend, yet Lark smiles anyway. Lark agrees to start coming to school, and thanks Seere. The girl smiles and replies "You're welcome."

As Lark waves goodbye to the girls, he is thinking that if only one person had treated him like Seere in the human world, then he wouldn't have needed to come to Crepuscule.

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