Sia noticing Lark

Chapter 19: Sia wakes up only to find a depressed Lark sitting in the corner of their empty room. Sia asks, "Who...?". While giving the cold shoulder, Lark answers "your roommate" and asks why their room has no furnitures. Sia starts talking about the magic circle that was in front of the room in spurts, and apologizes. Lark gets even more annoyed. Sia gets up to leave for class, while Lark remains in the corner sobbing about wanting to go home.

Seere checking Lark's seat

On his way to class, Sia passes Seere, Ren, and Ersha. When Seere sees Sia, she starts wondering if he is the one she thinks he is. To the class's disappointment, Olivier Ostern announces with a wide smile that the class will do theory lessons instead of swordsmanship lessons, since the swordsmanship teacher is on a business trip. Seere notices that Lark is not in class and wonders if something has happened to him.


Seere asking about Lark

After class, Seere follows Sia, greets him and then asks if he knows why Lark didn't come to school this day. As Sia starts to answer, Seere tries to ask him if he is the one she has in mind, but Sia, finding the conversation too bothersome, ignores Seere and walks away. Ren suddenly appears and suggests to Seere that they should go back to the dorms. Ersha slides next to Seere and says, "That man, I am certain he is Sia Kul." She then asks Seere if she knows him. Seere replies, "...I don't know."

Lark Screams

Seeren's reaction to Lark's scream

As Lark is still sitting in the corner of his room, with his stomach rumpling, Sia is, once again, sleeping on the floor. Lark finally decides to get up to grab something to eat. He arrives in front of SF Buks Café, and becomes depressed at the thought of having to eat alone. Ren suddenly appears behind him and tells him, "You're too down, stupid." A surprised Lark screams loud enough to draw the attention of everyone nearby. Ren angrily kicks Lark in the leg and yells at him to be quite.

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