Chapter 18
Ch.18-Bathory warning Lark

Bathory warning Lark

After having his neck bitten by Bathory, Lark pushes her away and yells to her to get off him. Bathory claims that she was only playing around. Lark removes his hand from his neck and sees a little blood.

As Bathroy continues to lead Lark to Navarus' office, Lark notices that his neck has stopped bleeding. Bathory notices loudly that Lark is being quite. She claims, once more, that he shouldn't be wary of her because she was just playing around. The idea of making him bleed for fun makes Lark angry. Bathory then warns Lark to be careful of the first generation, because, unlike the children of this world, they can recongnize the scent of a human. She goes on to say that vampires don't "transform" humans, but Lark needs to be careful or he could end up dead. Bathory then tells Lark to come to her if anything happens, since, as she claims "To, me 'your kind' is extremely lovely things." Lark begins to become terrified of what Bathory is saying.


Sia covering Bathory

Suddenly, the tall zombie that greeted Lark after the entrance exam, arrives and sees a bearly dressed Bathory. While holding a female's school uniform, he starts complaining that he told Bathory not to wander around dressed the way she is. Bathory responds to his lecture with just a "Hmph". The tall zombie then notices Lark, and, while putting the uniform he was carrrying on Bathory, introduces himself as "Sai Kul". Sai continues to speak to Lark, but an annoyed Bathory interrupts by pointing Lark towards the director's office. She then says she is going to leave, because "an irritating thing came." This comment upsets Sai, yet he follows Bathory as she leaves.


Lark's dread at being exposed

Left alone, Lark starts to reflect on how he has been exposed as human by Bathory. He begins to panic thinking that he was found out by her with just a glance. Then, Sylvia shows up from the corner and sees Lark. She asks him who he is and what was all the commontion in front of the director's office. A panicked Lark yells an apology and runs away. While running, he thinks about how he can't meet the director,who is one of the first generation and could recognize a human's scent.
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