Chapter 17:

Setz catches Neal

In the student council room, Carne is quietly reading some paperwork. Suddenly, Neal slams open the door. Carne is concerned when she notices that Neal is bleeding, yet Neal shouts at her to shut her mouth. Neal then starts repeating that he will kill Navarus over and over, until Setz steps in and grabs Neal by his arm. Setz tells Carne that he will take care of Neal and points out that Neal has already fainted.

Funny Reaction

Bathory right before she hugs Lark

While looking for Navarus' office, Lark finds himself lost. But, he screams in fear and falls over, when he gets surprised by a pink-haired girl appearing out of nowhere, wearing nothing but a white button-up shirt. Before further approaching Lark, the girl says, "What do we have here?". Still nervous of the girl, Lark scoots across the floor in an attempt to put distance between them, but the girl screams Oh my God, it's real!. After looking down the barely clothed girl's cleavage, Lark starts to blush. The girl then, happily, starts to hug the already uncomfortable Lark. Lark becomes terrified after the girl says "It's been a long time since I've smelled such delicious blood". The girl then offers to help him.

Chapter.17-Bathory approaching

Bathory approaching Lark before bitting him

The girl is leading Lark to Navarus' office, while speaking ill of the director. She offers to do Lark the favor he was to ask from Navarus. Lark nervously declines her offer. Eventually, the girl asks Lark why he is shaking. She then starts to slowly approach him as she says, "Hey, I won't eat you...unless, want me to?" She then bites Lark on the neck.

Meanwhile, somewhere not far away, the tall zombie that greeted Lark earlier is calling for "Bathory" in the school's corridors, while carrying a uniform. At some point, he says to himself, "I told her not to walk around in that outfit."

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