Ersha giving Lark the clown card

As Lark and Seere are walking in the school courtyard, two female students greet Seere, and start accusing her of being late. The girls then start chatting together in their own little world. After Seere suddenly notices that she has been ignoring Lark, she introduces him to her sister, Seeren Klein and her friend, Ersha Sermenys. While Lark is trying to introduce himself, Seeren starts yelling at Seere for being friendly to strangers. Ersha tells Lark in a threatening way to stay away from Seere, and then gives him a card which she thinks fits him. When Lark looks at the card, he sees a clown with the words "The Fool" at the bottom. Seere quickly apologizes to Lark, and the three girls leave. After being left alone, Lark throws away the clown card and heads towards his dorm.


Sia sleeing on the floor

Lark opens the door to his dorm room, only to find just an empty room with Sia Kul sleeping on its floor. After being mistreated by girls, being given an empty room, and being roommated with a scary zombie, Lark becomes pessimistic about the future of his school life. All of his misfortunes convince him to immediately get Angela's experiment ingredients from Navarus, so he can leave Arzew as soon as possible. He turns the other way to head to the director's office, but silently as he is awake he might wake up Sia.
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