Sia's Door

Sia demanding a room

Chapter 15: A big, pink magic circle is glowing in front of a dormroom door that has the names "LARK ALFEN /SIA KUL" written in a sign on it. The magic circle asks Sia Kul how it can help him. Sia asks for just a room. After the magic circle asks if that will be all, Sia says "Yeah. I'm sleepy, so make it quick." The door replies, "Yes, sir".

In the classroom, Lark, Seere, and the rest of their class are listening to Olivier Ostern's lesson.

Olivier talking about the Assembly

Olivier exlains how the world is divided in five regions and how the ultimate power in Crepuscule lies in Navarus. He then gives further descriptions for the Council and the student council, the future nobility. Lark giggles when he hears the word "nobility". Olivier underlines that anyone can create a student council at Arzew. Lark discards this power structure set at Arzew, as making kids fight for superiority. Olivier finishes the class by motivating the students to find out something they would like to do and to work hard.


Lark and Seere after class

After class has finished, Lark is holding an information book destined for high school newcomers and expresses his frustration his reservation to Seere about whether it is enough. Seere offers to show Lark around the Arzew campus. Lark gratefully agrees, thinking that the girl is nice. Seere, smiling, explains that she has to buy her sister a hat from the school shop anyway. After buying the hat, Seere gives Lark a tour of the campus. He shows him the library, the sparring arena, the room for practising magic, the garden that surrounds school, the buildings for the theory classes and SF Buks Café. Nearing the end of Seere's tour, a blue haired girl and a purple haired girl step from the bushes and greet Seere.


Navarus reading Lark's name

In his office, Navarus is reading through some paperwork. With a document in front of him, he asks Sylvia about the one who cleared the extrance exam in the shortest time. Sylvia points out that the one with the best exam time has an extremely normal background. Navarus, surprisingly, chuckles and states that this boy must the reason for Angela's letter. Navarus then demands that Sylvia will bring the boy to him if he ever comes to the office. After being noticed by his father, Setz slowly enters the room and informs his father that "It's waking up". As Navarus leaves the room, he tells his son that he does not have to come with him. When Setz leaves the room too, Sylvia looks at the document that Navarus was looking at and sees the picture of Lark.
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