Ch.14-Sai welcoming Lark

A zombie student welcomes Lark to Arzew

Chapter 14: Lark has been just accepted as a student at Arzew. Α four leaf clover lands on Lark's hand. While he is staring at it, a tall zombie student surprises Lark by patting him on the head and congratulating him with a wide smile.

In the auditorium, Ratatusk Trenkel Navarus, the Director of Arzew and ruler of Navarus, gives a speech to Lark and the other students about their aspirations and their future. Lark takes interest in the director, as he is the man he needs to ask for Angela' s ingredients. 

Ch 14

Lark and Seere meet for the first time

Lark is looking for his class, complaining about the fact that there are lessons in the very first day of school. He reaches class 2. As soon as he walks in, he finds himself being the center of attention of all the other students for being the first to finish the entrance exam. Lark dislikes the attention, as it reminds him of being bullied in the human world. As he is thinking that he should have never come to school, he hears a voice suggesting a seat for him. He turns and sees a violet-haired female student,  who he immediately considers pretty, smiling at him and inviting him to sit next to her. Lark gladly accepts and sits next to her.

Olivier smiling

They have a brief conversation over the fact tha she, unlike Lark, has been a student at Arzew since elementary. She then introduces herself as Seere Klein and asks for Lark's name. As soon as he answers, the door is banged open by Olivier Ostern. Olivier steps in, while complaining about the students that didn't appear and calling them "insolent brats". Lark recognizes him as the entrance exam inspector. Olivier's mood suddenly changes and he starts sharing kisses and calling the students "my baby birds". Lark is appaled by the teacher's relaxed atitude. Seere explains to him that he is famous for his strange behavior. Olivier introduces himself and announces that he will be in charge of this class for this year.  This causes a burst of joy by the female students. Lark is even more perplexed now and Seere explains that the teacher is quite popular. When Olivier announces that, for the first day, he will only go over the important things, Lark smirks at the thought that he has a laxed teacher. 
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