Ch 13

Lark entering the sunlight exam room

Chapter 13: Lark arrives at Arzew and is left speechless by the huge building that hosts the school. He then approaches a man who holds a sign for the examinees. He tells him his name and the man gives him the document he needs to apply for the entrance exam. He then warns Lark to be careful, as the exam starts as soon as he crosses the door. He then smiles and waves, to Lark, who is perplexed by what he just heard. Lark gives the document to a green-haired inspector, who confirms it and informs Lark that he will be taking the his exam at 1:00, at that he should go to door number 4 and wait. While walking towards the exam place, Lark starts feeling anxious, although he knows that the exam is on vampire weeknesses. His mood gets even worse when he hears a mother telling her daughter to be careful, since there are kids that died because of Arzew's exams. A voice in a loudspeeker is then heard announcing that students should stand in front of their door. Lark rushes to find the door number 4. He opens the door to a hallway filled with bright, yellow light. He crosses the light-filled hallway, wondering what may suddenly happen, and, hesitantly, opens the door. As soon as he goes out, he sees a lot of students gathered at the hall. They are talking with admiration about how he has completed the sunlight exam in record time. Lark, amused, celebrates that this is due to him being a human

Silver arrows

Sia after completing the silver arrows exam.

At this moment, a zombie exits his exam door covered in blood and silver arrows. The people and Lark are shocked by the view of him, with some wondering whether he is gonna die. Meanwhile, Setz, with Carne running behind him, is leaving the testing area. When Carne calls for him to wait for her, Setz turns and tells her that Sai exaggerated about Sia Kul's talent. 
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