Chapter 10:
Ch.10-Angela with the letter

Angela with the letter

Angela has just finished writing a letter. She gets out of her office and finds Lark and Avi sitting at the couch. She then sweatly asks Avi to send the letter for her. While blushing, Avi readily agrees to do anything for Angela, while Lark, annoyed, tells him to stop acting like that. Avi tries to make out what is written on the envelope, but fails and leaves.

After a while, Angela and Lark are sitting at the table, facing each other . Angela, with an intimidating aura around her, restarts her lecture about how Lark is wasting his life away. Lark, when asked about his future plans, scratches his head, embarrassed. After Angela insists, he explains that his "dream is to be a bum".

Angela announcing to Lark that he should go to school

He then describes how he wishes to live a peaceful life at the village. When he says that he intends to have two kids, Angela brings him down to earth by saying that humans can't interbreed with vampires. After this, Lark stays silent and Angela uncomfortably wonders if she was too harsh. She then asks what Lark is going to do if she dies. Lark is taken aback for a moment, but then smirks and states his belief that Angela is a first generation. To support this, he says that Angela, apart from the fact that she never ages, gives off the impression that she has lived for far too many years and that he, himself, has a feeling that Angela will always be with him. Angela denies being a first generation and tells Lark that nothing is eternal. She then leans close to Lark's face and declares to him that he has to go to school. 
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