Bathory Erzsebet
Bathory's Mother
Name Bathory Erzsebet
Hangul 바토리 에르제베트
Race Pureblood Succubus
Birthday unkown
Age First Generation
Gender Female
Height unknown
Eyes Red
Hair Red
Professional Status
Affiliation Erzebet Clan
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Angela Erzsebet (Younger Sister)

Carmilla Erzsebet (Older Sister)
Lark Alfen (Adopted Nephew)

First Appearance
Webtoon Debut Chapter 38

Bathory Erzsebet I is a first generation pureblood succubus, who helped Carmilla in the creation of Crepuscule.

Its been reveled Bathory I never had a daughter and Bathory II is actually Carmilla's alter ego created by Carmilla abandoning all her negative emotions and somehow those emotions formed into Bathory, two hundred years ago the night Crawford went on a rampage Bathory was born.


Bathory and her sister Carmilla gained many friends and followers because of their great intelligence and beauty. But, their greatest asset was Carmilla's ability to make dreams into reality. Eventually, for the sake of the humans whom they loved, the two sisters lead their friends and followers to create a new world for vampires, Crepuscule. However, because the project was so large, Carmilla had to sacrifice her own life. With Carmilla gone, Bathory vowed to protect her sister's dream world.

Everyone believed about 200 years ago, Bathory gave birth to a daughter. But she soon abandoned her child, so she could focus on something she considered more important. However this was proven to all be false. the truth in fact was Bathory never had a daughter Bathory II was created by Carmilla 200 years ago the night Crawford went on a rampage.