Name Avi
Hangul 아비
Race Mixed Blood Vampire
Birthday July 15th
Gender Male
Eyes Red
Hair Light Brown
Professional Status
Occupation Herbalist
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Arche (Little Sister)
First Appearance
Webtoon Debut Chapter 5

Avi is a mixed blood vampire. He is a childhood friend of Lark and the older brother of Arche.

Character informationEdit


Avi is a close friend to Lark and does not hesitate to tease him. However, he keeps an eye on Lark, because of the affection Arche shows towards the boy. He has a sister complex towards Arche. He, also, has a crush for Angela and is always willing to do whatever she asks from him.

Plot overview Edit


Avi the day he meets Lark

Part IEdit

One day, young Avi is playing with Arche and some other children of the village. At some point, he sees his teacher, Angela, from afar, and calls for her. Angela approaches with a boy, whom she introduces as Lark. She asks from the kids to become friends with him and Avi invites him to play with them. The following years, Lark joins the same class as Avi and he becomes Lark's closest friend.

Ten years later, when Angela decides that Lark will attend Arzew, she assigns to Avi to take him to Navarus city. Avi shares a carriage with Lark. He leaves him in the city to go take the entrance exam and leaves for another region.