Name Arche
Hangul 아체
Race Mixed Blood Vampire
Birthday April 5th
Gender Female
Eyes Red
Hair Light Brown
Professional Status
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Avi (Older Brother)
First Appearance
Webtoon Debut Chapter 5

Arche is a mixed blood vampire. She is the sister of Avi and a childhood friend of Lark.

Character informationEdit

Arche is a shy young girl, with sudden bursts of character. She has an one-sided crush on Lark. She also harshly responds to her brother's affection towards her.

Plot OverviewEdit


Arche the day she meets Lark

Part IEdit

One day, young Arche is playing outside with her brother and some other village kids. When they spot, their teacher, Angela, they call for her. Angela approaches with a boy they have never seen before. Arche grabs her brother's bandana to prompt him to ask who the new boy is, something he does. Angela then introduces Lark to them and asks them to become friends with them. Avi invites him to play with them. As years pass, Lark and Arche create a strong friendship, as they live in the Nergal region.

One day, ten years later, Arche gives Lark a pink necklace, which was given to her by her brother. When she learns, a few days later, from Angela that Lark is going to study in Arzew, she is saddened and is the only one to farewell Lark properly among his friends.